Oxford: FAI Farm

Since 2001 FAI have farmed and operated 1650 acres (668ha) of Oxford University farmland. The farm runs 250 acres (101ha) of animal feed crop trials in rotation and is home to a 120-cow suckler herd, a flock of 1,000 sheep and a pioneering production system combining free-range ducks and a carp pond. It also houses a poultry research unit for hatchery, breeding and rearing, as well as a trials unit for pigs. Animals from our own flocks and herds are sourced for vaccine efficacy testing at the state-of-the-art Animal Health Centre. Our on-site vets, animal health and quality systems staff ensure that trials are run to the highest standards and that the animals receive the best care and are returned to their pier groups post vaccination.

FAI collaborates with a number of scientific centres of excellence including Oxford University, Reading University and Bristol University to develop and implement practical solutions. With the combination of world-class expertise, commercial practice and accessibility it’s a unique location for conferences, training workshops, corporate events and media visits.



FAI has a highly skilled science team made up of veterinarians, research scientists and geneticists who work alongside commercial agriculturists to deliver research, leadership programmes and innovation for our global food chain partners.

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