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The Ardtoe Marine Research Facility has been internationally recognised as a world leader in the development of marine aquaculture, science and technology for half a century. This continuing pioneering spirit and an ethos of innovation, makes Ardtoe today one of the most dynamic and diverse organisations within the marine aquaculture and biosciences sector.

With its scientific and commercial expertise, and its unique blend of large and small-scale marine holding systems, FAI Ardtoe provides a range of contract research and production services for industry, government and academia. We can produce wide range of marine and freshwater biological stocks and specimens including eggs, larvae and fry from a variety of species of finfish (cod, turbot, sole and halibut), shellfish, seaweeds and microalgae.

Ardtoe is involved in a wide range of European and UK-funded research projects. Present projects cover areas such as:

  • Development of integrated aquaculture systems;
  • Design of aquaculture systems for multi-use offshore energy platforms;
  • Biosensors for real time detection of harmful algae blooms, fish pathogens and organic pollutants;
  • Preventing the escape of fish from cage farms;



We are situated in an area of unspoilt natural beauty, which reminds us every day of the need to maximise the sustainability and minimise the environmental impact of the technologies, and practices we develop.

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